God’s Goodness

It has been an eventful week at the Oliver Farmhouse. Our “farming” is very small-scale and very much an experiment at this stage. We have 11 laying hens, 1 rooster, 14 pullets, 1 rare breed whose gender is still a mystery, and a bountiful garden that has as many weeds as it has vegetable plants. … More God’s Goodness

God is…

Today I wrote down everything in my life that is frustrating and discouraging me. Then, in big letters, I wrote, “BUT GOD IS STILL GOOD. ALWAYS.” Below is a list of words or phrases that follow the words, “God is…” in the Bible. I hope this encourages you. God is… with you giving for you … More God is…

Cocoa Birthday

My K girl turned three this past Saturday.  She is so full of life and laughter.  Still my ever-observant child–she doesn’t miss anything.  Watching her grow is and will always be one of my greatest joys. We traveled to Cocoa, Florida to celebrate a dear friend’s wedding and K thought it was pretty sweet that … More Cocoa Birthday

I Must Decrease

I recently put into words these two thoughts about myself (warning: they aren’t pretty): I would rather be a “lesser” version of myself than allow God to change me, because I fear that I will be expected to always be the changed/improved/better version of myself and when I fail, I will be a disappointment. I … More I Must Decrease