I recently read a Facebook post that read, “I hate when Christians get wrapped up with politics. Our citizenship is in Heaven. Stop with the madness. Please.”

My first reaction to this comment is to get angry. My blood starts to boil a little bit. “Why do Christians use their faith as an excuse for apathy?” I think. I want to post a reply. No, I don’t feel like getting into a public debate; I’ll send him/her a message. But what do I say? Where are they coming from? Do we share common ground?

Most Christians that I know are in two categories. They are either completely uninvolved in “politics” or they are completely sold out to the Republican party and blind to all else. To the latter group, Romney was the savior of America, until Obama won the 2012 election and then all of a sudden, “I’m thankful that my hope is not in a man.” Seems they wanted it both ways. So, if “wrapped up with politics” is describing this group, then I agree. If “wrapped up with politics” describes the few Christians who see that our freedom to be productive earthly citizens is being stolen from us daily (because we let it happen) and want to stop it, then I absolutely disagree. God is our provider, but he also expects that we work and produce and live well on the earth while we are here. If we aren’t to be involved in fighting for our freedoms here on earth, because our citizenship is in Heaven, then why do we build homes, buy cars, or even eat? We have a home in Heaven, why do we need one here? Why is it that we think it is acceptable to do for ourselves on the small scale, but not on the large scale? If someone came to your home and robbed you, would you protest? We are being robbed through our money system. It can be proven. Why can’t I protest that? Know Stealing.