Keepin’ It Real: My Real Food Journey

I’m pretty sure no one follows this blog, but I am going to use it to document my journey into the real food lifestyle. How did I get started on this journey? It was the combination of a few different factors that I believe were divinely orchestrated. Chris and I began talking about our baby timeline about the time a friend of mine from LeTourneau posted a link to a real food blog. I started looking around the blog and was immediately intrigued. I have always felt that I was born in the wrong era and that there is something drastically wrong with our world today — no one seems to value the basics — the simplicity of life on a farm, for example, working to be able to provide for your family and nothing else. It’s always seemed to me that if raw cow’s milk was good enough for generations before me, why isn’t it good enough for me, today? Everything just feels backwards. Just as we talk about our tendency to supplement God with our homes and our jobs and our cars, etc., I think we tend to try and supplement God’s order, too. Just like God is enough — so is His order.

As I began to dig more into the blog, I found a book called The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care. I immediately ordered it. I wanted to know what I needed to be eating/not eating as Chris and I prepared for a potential pregnancy. I was dumbfounded by what I read. We’ve got it all wrong. Low-fat, no fat, calorie-counting… this isn’t what God intended. What am I supposed to be eating? Cod liver oil, liver, raw milk,  butter (and lots of it!), eggs, beef, pork, lamb (including the fat!), coconut oil, lactofermented beverages (lacto-what?!), bone broth, properly prepared grains, legumes, and nuts (I didn’t even know you could prepare nuts…), and the list goes on. There’s another list of things to avoid, too. It’s pretty much every American’s typical diet: white flour, white sugar, vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners, soy products (yep), microwaved food, and caffeine. As much as this struck me as a challenge, it just felt right. It felt real. Embarking on this journey isn’t about convenience, it’s about truth. It’s about getting back to what God intended.


So how am I doing? Well, I was living with my parents and grandparents from April-June, so that made it difficult to dive in head first. I started taking fermented cod liver oil (FCLO) everyday with breakfast. I also started eating pasture-raised eggs for breakfast, with lots and lots of grass-fed butter. I was able to get non-soy, non-GMO, pasture-raised eggs from a co-op in Athens for a little while, but we have since moved to North Carolina. Now I am waiting to get started with a local co-op here in Durham. In the meantime, I am buying pasture-raised eggs from local healthfood stores, such as The Fresh Market and Whole Foods. I also started drinking raw milk (y’all it’s GOOD), but the farm I was getting it from discontinued selling at the Athens co-op. Again, I’m waiting to get started with the Durham co-op. I am really excited about it, because the farm that provides the food for this co-op is familiar with the Nourishing Traditions book and prepares its food based on its teachings. One thing I really want to get soon is a water filtration system. Unfortunately, they are pricey. I was really enjoying the fluoride-free water at my grandparents’, but we’re back in the big city and unfortunately, drinking fluoridated water everyday. No good. On a positive note, Chris planted our first garden on Saturday! We are attempting tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and spinach. Yay.

Today, I have started my “real food” notebook. I have been subscribing to blogs right and left and have a great place to start with recipes and “how-to” guides. I also ordered a cookbook that I’m really excited about called The Homemade Pantry — it’s a book full of recipes for items that you typically buy at the grocery store. I am particularly excited about the homemade “pop tarts” (toaster pastries in the book) — who doesn’t love pop tarts?! I was so disappointed when I learned how terrible they were for me… they were seriously a staple in my high school diet (sad, I know). Anyhoo, when Chris gets home tonight (after his first work softball game–woo woo) we’re gonna sit down and go through the recipes I’ve added to the notebook today and make a meal plan for this week. I’ll do my shopping on Tuesdays. This week will probably come with a lot of funny stories. Stay tuned.

I am excited. I hope more people will be encouraged to start living the real food way through my experiences. Sometimes I get so excited it makes me cry…happy tears, of course. Keep it real folks.

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