That time I put coconut oil in my hair…

So, I’ve been a coconut oil-believer for some time now. I  cook with it all the time.  It has worked wonders for diaper rash.  Chris used it on a wooden wheel to make it stop squeaking.  I oil pulled for a while (not long enough to vouch for its benefits).  I haven’t been disappointed yet.  The next natural thing to do is try it in my hair, of course.

I have very thick, wavy hair.  It’s not the kind of wavy that says “natural,” it’s the kind that says, “Oooh, she woke up late.”  So if I’m going out and need to look relatively presentable, there’s going to be a blow-dryer and flat iron involved, which means that there’s going to be heat damage.  I don’t like damaging my hair, but I also don’t like parabens and phlalates.  So what’s a girl to do?

I looked up how to use coconut oil as a heat protectant and there’s not a lot of specifics.  Just do it.  It’s awesome.  Okay, I can do this.  On a Sunday morning, before church, when I’m waiting on my child to wake from her morning nap so we can do a lightning fast diaper change and a supersonic nursing session and get out the door in time.  Perfect time to try something new, right?

Let me just put it this way — if your hair is even remotely on the oily side — don’t do it.  I ended up having to completely rewash my hair.  Thankfully, we made it to church on time and I didn’t look like I’d forgotten to shower for a week.

Disclaimer: This post is not to be so much informative as funny… I love coconut oil and if you have dry hair or know of a better way to use it on not-so-dry hair, go for it, sister!  And feel free to share your knowledge. 🙂

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