How To {Easily} Sell Your Unwanted Clothing

There’s something about becoming a mom that has really magnified how much STUFF I’ve accumulated over the years.  And I’ve purged.  And purged some more.  And I still find that I have TOO much.  Especially in the clothing department.  Most of last winter was spent in maternity clothing and then for the last 10 months, I’ve only been able to wear clothes that I can breastfeed in.

Before we moved in 2013, I worked in a physical therapy office that required a certain level of professionalism in my dress, so I have a lot of “work” clothing.  It’s relatively nice stuff.  Banana Republic.  Ann Taylor LOFT.  Gap.  I’ve tried selling this stuff at Plato’s Closet, but they only buy clothes that they can sell to a typical teenager.  I’ve considered higher end consignment shops, but just haven’t found the time to box everything up, drive over there, leave the box for them to go through, and then go back and pick it up later for them to tell me what they do, or most likely don’t, want.  Especially trying to juggle all the other errands I have to fit between baby girl’s naps.  And then I only get paid if it’s purchased.  Honestly, I’ve ended up taking most of it to the local thrift store.

There has to be a better way, right?

Enter Twice.

Twice accepts brands like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor LOFT, Gap, and even higher end stuff like Anthropologie.  They have a list of brands they accept and what condition they expect, so you have a good idea ahead of time what to send.  They will send you a “Seller Kit” for FREE.  All you have to do is fill it up and put it in the mail.  They even pay for the shipping.  Once they receive your bag and sort through your goodies, they’ll send you an offer.  If you accept the offer, you can choose how you’d like to receive your payout: PayPal, paper check, Target gift card, Venmo, or store credit.  If you choose store credit, you get 25% more for your payout!  If you are wanting to change it up without losing closet space, this is a great option!  Personally, I’ve opted for the cash, since I’m going for less overall.  Whatever they don’t want, they send to Goodwill.  If you decide that the offer isn’t what you’re looking for, or they rejected too many items and you’d like them back, you just have to pay $5.99 and they’ll send everything back.

So far, I’ve sold two bags of clothes.  Here’s the breakdown:

29 items sent
26 items accepted
3 items rejected (for overall wear)
Payout: $86.50

Not bad.

And if I had chosen store credit, my payout would’ve been $108.12.

They don’t currently accept children’s or maternity clothing, but they did just start buying and selling menswear.

So… what are you waiting for?  Get selling!

Psstt… If you use this link to start buying and selling, Twice will credit your account $10 when you sell + $10 when you buy and I’ll get $10, too!  Help a girl out!  Plus, once you create your own account, you can share your own personal referral link on Facebook,Twitter, email, or your own blog and get another $10!  Happy shopping!

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