Catching Up

Hello stranger.

Life’s been a little hectic lately between getting ready to move (one more week!), starting to wean my girl (where did the time go?!) and getting ready for an annual fundraiser with my part-time job.

In the coming months, you can expect an increase in posts as we’ll be embarking on our new farmhouse life! Chris will be building us a mobile chicken coop and planting our first legit garden soon after we move in, so there will be lots of fun stuff to write about.

Also, we’ve been able to watch a series called “Quest for the Cure Continues” about alternative cancer treatment (and prevention).  We plan to purchase this series so that we can watch it again and share it with our friends and family.  As we review each episode, I plan to post about it here for anyone who’s interested in learning this information.  I think you’ll find it very eye-opening.

And as always, here are a few photos of my precious gift from God.  Enjoy!


so much drama!


chuggin’ that milk

standin' all by myself

standin’ all by myself

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