New Farm Friends

I can’t remember if I explained in detail the events that took place that brought us to our new house.

It’s not an extravagant story, but it’s a good one.

We started going weekly to our local farmer’s market near our apartment last summer/fall.  There, we met a sweet farmer who lived about 45 minutes from the farmer’s market.  She is from this area and has a little one that’s just a bit older than baby girl.  When it started to get close to the end of our apartment lease, Chris sent her an email and asked if she knew of any houses available for rent in her area.  She knew of a guy who had just moved out of a house who had nothing but good things to say about the landlord and was only moving because it was too much space for a single guy.

This sounded promising.

We drove out to see the house on our own and I held my breath and closed my eyes tightly as we pulled up… I just knew it was going to be terrible.  Isn’t that sad?!  I totally expected the worst.  But as we pulled up and I opened my eyes and took a deep breath, I was pleasantly surprised.  And the rest is history…

Briefly, some of you may wonder why we’re renting and not buying.  Well, at this stage of our life, we want to get completely out of debt and then save enough money to buy our first house outright.  That may seem outlandish and far-fetched–and in our debt-stricken society, it is–but we want to be different.  Not just for the sake of being different, but because as Christians, we are called to ‘be holy’ as Jesus is holy.  So, this is one way that we feel we can do that.

Back to our new farmer friend–she is letting us borrow her truck today so that we can go get supplies to build our hoop house for our chickens.  Yay!

While we were at their farm, we did a little snooping (with permission, of course).  We checked out their goats and chickens.  Baby girl loved it!  (Although, I think Daddy may have been just as excited, if not more!)

We are thankful for our new friends and being able to learn from them as we embark on our own farm projects.  Things are coming right along…


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