Kishu Charcoal

Charcoal?  Is this a post about grilling?

No.  Although, with this warmer weather, I’m getting excited about grilling these awesome burgers with these homemade buns!

So, what am I talking about?

Let me back up a little bit.

When we lived in the city, we bought water by the 5-gallon jug that had been filtered through reverse osmosis from the local health food store.  We used this for cooking, drinking, and bathing (for the baby).  Now that we are on well water (yay!), we don’t have to worry about fluoride (or hydroflurosilicic acid) in our water.  But, there can occasionally be harmful pathogens in well water, too, so it’s good to have a drinking water filter.

In the past, we’ve used a Brita filter (before we knew about fluoride), but it’s made from plastic.  Even this Soma water filter, although more eco-friendly than most, is made from plastic, unless you pay the higher price for the smaller carafe.  It’s pretty, but you’ll pay another $77.94/year for replacement filters.  I commend them for creating an eco-friendly and glass water filter, but we needed a cheaper option.

Enter Kishu Charcoal.


Did you know that water filters use activated charcoal?  I didn’t, until I married my water engineer husband.  The ‘bad’ stuff in your water binds to the charcoal.  Pretty cool.  Kishu Charcoal is “the only completely plastic free water filter.”  And it’s non-GMO!  All you have to do is buy a glass pitcher, like this one, fill it up with water and toss in your charcoal.


It works for four months and then you can use it as a deodorizer or in your garden!  You’ll want to boil it every month to renew it, but that’s easy-peasy.  You can get it here for just $14.99.  So, including the cost of the pitcher, your yearly water filter cost would be $57.57!  Not too bad.  (We ordered the 1 liter pitcher.  It was smaller than I expected, so depending on how much water you drink per day, the 2 liter might be a better option, which would make your total $71.69… still $55.25 less than the Soma pitcher!)

So, go get you some Kishu!

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