Epic Community

I enjoy blogging.  It’s good for me to organize my jumbled thoughts from time to time.  But I’m often tempted to think that it’s only the “epic” events that are worth blogging about.  Epic is defined as “extending beyond the usual or ordinary especially in size or scope.”  Birth.  Our first garden.  Our first chicken flock, etc.  But I think the usual or ordinary–the inbetween moments–is worth writing about, too.  It’s in these moments that we create a life.

L is one month old.  K is 23 months old.  And last week, Daddy went on a three-day, two-night work trip.


When he told me that he had the opportunity to go on this trip and gain professional experience, I wasn’t going to ask him not to go.  Initially, I wanted my mom to come and stay, but she had just been here for two weeks.  So, I figured I’d just buck up and deal with it.  It may not be pretty, but we’ll survive, I thought.

And, of course, we did.

But that is in no small part thanks to some wonderful mom friends.

A friend and her two kids came over on Wednesday with dinner.  She watched L while I tended to the chickens.  While we were catching up, the topic of budgeting and making wise decisions regarding finances came up and I shared about a particular outfit that I had been tempted to buy for L, but decided against it, because it would soon be sporting spit-up and not long after that, she’d grow out of it.  Later that afternoon, I got a text from that same friend saying that the outfit was on its way to our house.  Wow!  It may seem a small thing, but I can tell you that her listening ear and generous heart is no small thing.


The next morning, another friend and her two girls, who are similar in age as K and L, came over, again with food.  We talked about our toddlers and what it looks like to discipline them to the glory of God.  Her daughter is a little older than K, so she could speak as someone in the thick of it.  Our parenting philosophies are nearly identical, but our personalities couldn’t be more different.  Sharing with and listening to a friend who holds the same standards, but from a different perspective, couldn’t have come at a better time.

She stuck around long enough for me to feed the chickens and put K down for a nap.  When I came downstairs, she offered to stay longer so that I could take a shower.  Y’all.  Here she is with her own toddler and infant, bringing me dinner, encouraging my heart and then she tells me to take a shower–it was like the heavens had opened!  Haha.  I’m being a little dramatic, but you newborn mamas know how sacred a shower can be.  She did have to talk me into it, but it took about 3.4 seconds.  I was so blessed by her and her time.

Being a stay at home mom can be really lonely sometimes.  Especially since we live so far away from family and lifelong friends.

But last week, I was anything but lonely.  Instead, I was warmly cared for and thought of by other moms, friends, sisters in Christ.

When I think about it–this community of believers is anything but usual and ordinary.

It is epic.

Thank you to everyone who has brought a smiling face, a hug, and a meal.

And to those of you who have friends with newborns (or just young children), don’t underestimate the power of a meal or the opportunity to take a shower or do a load of laundry.  It may seem like a small thing, but it’s the small things that make a life (and I guarantee it won’t feel small to her).

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