Yesterday, the one who made me a mama turned two years old.  Daddy stayed home.  L stayed awake (she clearly did not want to miss out on the festivities).

We started the day by surprising K with balloons and party hats and noisemakers.  She thought sleeping in was a good way to begin the celebration, so she wasn’t too thrilled about all the people in her room first thing in the morning making so much racket.  But…she quickly warmed up to the idea, especially the balloons.


Mama and Daddy gave her a mini-Moby wrap for her birthday.

We did a little photo shoot on the porch (of course).

Then we turned her car seat around (yay!) and headed to the Saxapahaw General Store for breakfast.  We’d not been there before, but we’d heard that they serve local food and we’re all about that.  Mama and Daddy had pastured eggs, sausage, home fries, and a buttermilk biscuit.  We ordered scrambled eggs and bacon for K.  She eats bacon at home regularly, but only one slice.  This plate came with three.  So, in honor of her birthday, she ate the three slices of bacon and forewent the eggs.  Hey, you’re only two once.

We returned home in time for a nap (yes, she still had to take a nap on her birthday, otherwise the rest of the day’s festivities would’ve been a bust!).  I baked her a real food birthday cake as she slept.

When she woke up, we headed to the park.  She’s a big fan of the swings, but an even bigger fan of people-watching.  As the other kids were running and hollering and sliding and laughing, she stood quietly in the center of it all and observed.  I love watching her personality develop.  We watched a home video of her the night before her birthday as we were getting the camera ready for the next morning and even at 11 months old, she was very much herself–we just couldn’t see it yet.  It will be more and more that way each year, I imagine.


After an afternoon of soaking up sunshine, we came back home and I cooked dinner and iced her cake.  We had some setbacks with the cake, but I managed to salvage it. And the cake toppers I bought required way more effort than I realized, so we went with the classic candles.  But she didn’t mind.  A good lesson for this mama.


She opened presents from her grandparents and went to bed a little late, after reading a new Winnie the Pooh book.

It was a sweet day celebrating a sweet girl.  She probably won’t remember the details of her second birthday, but I hope she will always remember feeling loved.

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