My “Why”

I recently started reading Having a Martha Home the Mary Way by Sarah Mae.  I’m only a few days in, but I am really enjoying it.  It’s very practical.  It focuses on cleaning and while it’s always helpful to have that extra accountability/motivation when you have little ones, I am especially enjoying the focus on being a “gentle” homemaker.  I may can pull off a clean house or a yummy dinner (and sometimes I can’t even do that!), but I can’t always guarantee a smile during the process… what’s more important?

I vividly remember K’s first birthday party–we had driven to Georgia the day before, arriving much later than expected–and I had to decorate the room and bake all the cupcakes–a recipe that I had never made before using coconut flour, which I wasn’t familiar with.  I didn’t realize how important liquid is when using coconut flour and I tried to substitute a dry sweetener for a wet one.  One word: disaster.  And my attitude showed it.  My poor mom.  And husband.  And grandmothers.  They were oh-so-gracious that day.  All turned out well in the end, but if it hadn’t been for my understanding and forgiving family, it could’ve gotten ugly(ier?).

One of the “Mary” assignments is to write a mission statement for why you want to have a clean home–without a “why,” it can be easy to get in a rut and stay there.  My mission statement not only speaks to order and cleanliness, which I think can provide peace for some people (me), but it also speaks to my attitude.  I want to be a life-giving homemaker, not just a maid and a cook.  It was really fun for me to think about this for our family.  Maybe you can give it a try, too, if you are in a cleaning rut or an attitude rut.  Or both.  Hey, no judgment.  Today was one of those I-wanna-go-live-on-a-deserted-island kind of days.  Or at least a my-baby-always-takes-naps-and-my-toddler-always-obeys-island.

My gentle homemaker mission statement:



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