Thank Your Husband

I tend to get bored with the mundane.  I’m not a thrill-seeker by any means.  More like a chocolate-seeker.  But, I enjoy the occasional spontaneity.  If you know my husband, he is a nose-to-the-grind, diligent, driven guy who likes his routine.  So, it would be easy for me to take it personally when he doesn’t want to be spontaneous.  Luckily, I’m way too mature to do that.  (Please note the sarcasm.)

I sent him a funny text today talking about being the mom of littles and he responded with a “Haha.”  Not long after, I managed to swing a shower while both girls were sleeping.  What is it about showers that clear your head?  I was standing there, soap in my hair, and I was struck with the simple thought that my husband thinks I’m funny.  Huh.  That’s pretty cool.

There is absolutely a place for love languages and marriage books and counseling, but sometimes I think we could solve a lot of marital problems (or family or friend problems) if we stopped long enough to be thankful.

  • Chris goes to work so that I can stay home and raise our children.
  • He provides for our family so that we can eat nutritious food and have a roof over our head and clothes on our back.
  • He is constantly learning about sustainable farming and preparing for what we hope will be our family farm one day.
  • He takes a little bit longer with evening chores so that he can take K with him and teach her about the chickens and the garden.
  • He holds L when she’s crying so that I can get dinner on the table.
  • K’s incisors have been cutting through for months now and she occasionally has trouble sleeping, so he has slept by her bed on the hardwood floor in a sleeping bag.
  • He recently took a new job so that he could be closer to home during the day.
  • He puts up with me.  No, really… I’m so thankful that he wants to do life with me!
  • And he thinks I’m funny.

He may not be the most spontaneous guy around, but he is kind and dependable and responsible.  In a world full of boys,  I am so thankful for my man.