Guest Post: Thank Your Wife

“An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.” Proverbs 31:10

If there is anything that I have learned after almost five years of marriage and two children, it is to take the time to thank your wife. I don’t mean just a “Thanks for dinner, honey.” I mean a thank you that comes from the heart. A thank you that lets her know that she is “far more precious than jewels.”  I don’t do this nearly enough. And in a world where Satan takes every opportunity to lie, discourage, and dishearten wives and moms both young and old, I want to take the opportunity to thank my wife by sharing a few of my favorite qualities about her.

  • She is the most passionate and principled person I know. It’s contagious!
  • Her desire to know truth and to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord, no matter what the cost, is unmatched.
  • She loves me despite my awkwardness and lack of spontaneity.
  • She has taken on one of the hardest jobs in the world–a homemaker. An extrovert by nature, she has selflessly chosen to spend most of her days absent from any adult interaction and in the country away from any family and friends so that she can be intimately involved with every aspect of raising our children.
  • She initiated the real food journey for our family. She has researched and discovered truths about the quality of food we eat and has incorporated this knowledge into our everyday life as a family. She strives tirelessly to make sure we eat the highest quality food that brings us nourishment and keeps us healthy.
  • She makes the best hot chocolate in the world!
  • My favorite quality…she truly makes me more like Christ.

Happy 30th Birthday, my love. Thank you for fearing the Lord and loving your family well. You are a blessing. I  love you.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: Thank Your Wife

  1. Chris, this is a beautiful tribute to Anna. She is indeed very special, and you are a blessing to her, K and L. And we love you so much. I know that God made you two for each other. You are kind and gentle and do so much for your family. Mema Sue

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